Murphys Oil Soap- the Uses

Marketed by the Colgate Palmolive, the Murphys oil soap is a liquid cleaning product that can be used to clean various surfaces. Contrary to what the name suggests the soap does not contain any oil but instead it contains potassium rich soap. Oil soaps are commonly used in polishing and cleaning horse tack including saddles and bridles. This soap main ingredient is derived from vegetable oil and it is designed for use in cleaning household surfaces, wooden floors and furniture. It does not contain any bleach, ammonia or any harsh detergents.

The uses of murphys oil soap
This soap comes as a liquid, which is either pre-diluted or concentrated to be diluted with water before use. TheĀ Murphy s Oil Soap can be used for many purposes including:

Murphy s Oil Soap

Cleaning wooden furniture and floors. To do this, it is recommended that you mix a quarter a cup of the concentrated soap with one gallon of water. Use the mixture to mob your floors or clean the furniture while ensuring that the sponge used is wrung to avoid dampening furniture or floors. An important thing to note here is that, this should only be used on completely finished surfaces.

The mixture can also be used to clean various surfaces in the home including the kitchen surfaces, ceramic tiles, vinyl surfaces or even wash your car. On the same note, the concentrated soap can be dabbed onto stains on the clothes before washing to make it easier to remove the stains.

The soap can also be used to clean leather especially considering that it has conditioning abilities on leather materials. To do this, apply some of amount of the concentrated soap onto a dampened sponge and use this to scrub your leather until it is clean.

Apart from cleaning, Murphys oil soap can also be used an insect-repellent. To do this, get one tablespoonful of the concentrated soap and mix it with equal amount of lemon juice and cooking oil and 2 cups of rubbing alcohol and water. Spray your plants with the mix preferably, when it is cool outside to avoid burning the plants.

Cleaning different surfaces in the home can be a tedious job but choosing the right product can help you lessen the hassles you have to go through to have those surfaces properly cleaned. Even then, it is not easy to find the right washing detergents for your cleaning chores considering that there are several options on the market. The Murphys oil soap is said to be very effective especially when it comes to cleaning various home surfaces and wooden floors. However, when cleaning wooden items using water and soap, it is important to do it first to ensure that the wood does not absorb a lot of water. To ensure minimum absorbency, ensure that your sponge or mop is well wrung of water before you begin cleaning the surfaces. The Murphys oil soap is specifically designed for cleaning hardwood floors but such can also be used to clean several other services in the home.